IT'S FULL STEAM AHEAD!! We are now making good progress, through the good offices of John Needham RIBA of Ludlow, we have a good outline plan for the work to be done and with the help of a lean grandson who daringly went into the very narrow roof cavity to photograph each joint between the rafters and wall plate timbers. He found most had only been held together with an iron strap for the last 100 years or so as a result of rot and woodworm. Following our own fund raising efforts over many years, we have built up a fabric fund of nearly £60,000. The overall estimate for the complete project is some £167,000. So far we have applied for grants from English Heritage and Herefordshire Historic Churches Trust. English Heritage has made a grant of £14,000 for project development and a provisional offer of a further £49,000 towards the repairs work. HHCT has made a grant of ?1600 for project development, so the position is that we need around £15,000 more to complete the whole project, which as a result of the grants we expect will definitely go ahead. Project development will be done this year and the actual repair work next year 2014. If you are interested in helping us in any way please make contact with PCC deputy chairman David Reeve on, 01568 750275 or Neville Cheadle our Treasurer on 01569 750560;